Noblesse Palace

The central lobby

The Noblesse Palace Hall is more than just a passage. A marble medallion and a perfect blend of shapes and colors like a precious carpet is the first thing that captures the visitor’s sight.

Baroque Room

Beautiful as a museum piece, the stove of an imposing statue restored with great craftsmanship watches as a secular witness from his corner and who knows how many life stories it has heard? And for everything to be royal, just like in an old ballroom, a huge lamp of crystals and golden bronze thrones in the center.

Luxury Room

Decorated with many luxurious accents, furniture from well-known brands and luxury decorations, it’s a room labeled as perfect for the most demanding visitors. Fashion, lifestyle and luxury, these are some of the ingredients we’ve used in setting up this room, offering a different example of quality interior design.

Gallery Room

This room includes many works of art, furniture and decorations that are signed by great designers and artists, all of which create a unique universe. The appearance is encompassed by stucco ceilings that have been restored with great care. And, to respect this space, the floor is a white and black marble game, the style of the whole arrangement being on the border between classical and contemporary.

Florence Room

In this showroom space we find furniture from the Florence area crafted by Italian artisans. The console carved with the golden foil watch over an imposing mirror witch wraps the wall in front of the room. The other pieces of furniture and decorations are carefully laid out in all corners of the room to enchant the charm of this room that reminds you of the beautiful Italy.

Regent Room

The walls of this hall are walnut-colored, with golden profiles and decorations. Elements of the two styles of Louis XV and Louis XVI compete to show their beauty and supremacy.

The Lady’s Chamber

Welcome to a bright and warm interior. Eclectic mix & match style is complemented by the chrome effect that creates a relaxing and pleasant room

The Knight’s Chamber

The office of a gentleman must be a statement of style and class. An inspirational British décor with hunting accents has been able to bring an atmosphere to the liking of any man.

Duchess’s Room

This room in the contemporary design features a living room decorated with art-deco furniture. From the point of view of the chrome and textures used, the refined velvet blends in a sublime dance with the elegance of the wood, the result being a firm and imposing one!

The Princess’s Room

A classic-style bedroom that recalls the end of the 19th century is a delight for any visitor.

Romantic Room

Simply appearing, this room captures a luminous ambiance, and the pieces of furniture chosen by Noblesse Interiors designers are signed by the most famous Italian brands, carefully finished and made by real artisans.

French Foyer

This french style lounge is distinguished by the fascinating textile wallpaper in the 2018 design trends, a true statement that highlights the novelty of its originality. The beams have been left to look, their shades being especially chosen in floor resonance and furniture pieces.


In the basement, the Noblesse Group offices have been set up: Insign Studio, Noblesse Interiors, Noblesse Palace – Lifestyle Palace, Noblesse Academy, Artnoblesse and Noblesse Cultural Association. Contemporary design elements with industrial accents blend in with the historic building’s notes and underpin the creation of an intimate, unified and individuality space that bears the signature of the entire team of architects and designers.