About us

Fusion Arts is the Art Agency by Noblesse Group International created for bringing together artists from different fields through interior design projects, performance, art fairs, expositions, special events, everyday life.

Our Vision


A place to reCREATE yourself!

In the beginning, we were an entire universe of knowledge, desires and experiences. Then everything materialized, broke into dreams, thoughts, and talents. Confused, we tried to find each other, to find ourselves. The art was born from this burning desire and it helped us through its essence to come back together to our origins. Gradually, trapped in time, each man made his contribution to the art. Every thought, every feeling has metamorphosed in something above the human being. Nowadays, we are trying to bring together artists and fragments of their art to recreate the entire lost once.

We are dedicated to bringing joy and beauty to everyone.
With complex interior design projects and a fine ensemble of the artists, we offer a mix of artworks and services that will enhance your life and touch your heart. It is our wish to fulfill your art desires with unique and inspirational creations.
We welcome you here!

Our Mission


The mission of Fusion Arts is to encourage appreciation and understanding of art and its role in society through direct engagement with original works of art. The main priority is to inspire our local artists, customers and guests with our amazing projects and talented artists.

Design the story that matter.


When we are designing interior spaces, we believe it is extremely important to emphasize not only aesthetics and functionality, but also comfort, a healthy living environment and the most innovative and unique solutions.

For each project, we work in a team of experts, including architects, designers engineers, artists and curators. Based on the expertise and experience of each member, we make innovative, optimized and creative proposals for our clients.

We have an extensive experience in projects that cover a wide range of typologies that require special solutions such as hotels, historic buildings, offices, homes and commercial spaces. We use the latest software and technologies, such as interactive experiences to deliver reality in the design stage.

We also contribute to the development of urban culture by preserving and restoring historic buildings with responsibility, promoting young artists and sustained involvement in the education and training of the new generation of architects, designers and artists.

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Why us?

  • Offer a high quality of our interior design services and supplier of exclusivist pieces of furniture with uniques and special pieces of art.
  • Consultancy provided by a professional team of architects and designers from Studio inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors
  • We provide bespoke artworks according to the project and design brief
  • Provide a high-quality source of visual art.
  • Create an exciting venue where artists can exhibit and sell their art.
  • Show you our commitment for bringing art into your house or your company, to create unique interiors, full of value. And for that, our showroom and agency is the perfect match.
  • Facilitate the marketing consulting for artists.
  • Provide high-quality classes and workshops for adults and children in a barrier-free setting that is designed to inspire while providing fun

Our Activity


Fusion Arts, part of Noblesse Group International, organizes exhibitions for that category of connoisseurs or art lovers who are looking for special art pieces for their home interiors, offices and companies with an authentic aesthetic and investment value.  We envision an online gallery with paintings, sculptures from different materials, photos, installations, a mix of works of art or how we like to say, “a Fusion between the Arts”.  We have a professional team of designers from Noblesse Interiors and Studio inSIGN, ready to offer expert advice and consultancy. Our projects combine interior design with original artworks for memorable spaces.

Design Projects