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„What is art for me?

I think art is love in the sense of giving, of sharing with the world our souls as artists by creating something which will arouse emotions in others and emotions are what make us human. Just as we are astonished in front of a sunset, so we can lose our breath in front of a painting or any form of art. It happened to me many times and it was overwhelming.

Then, eventually, artists connect with people by energy, colors, vision, in a word, emotions and, therefore, I really believe by art there is a hope that mankind will become more caring, more loving and, ultimately, more human.”


2013-2016 School of Art – Visual Art s – Painting  Section

2014-2015 School of Art – Visual Arts – Decorative  Art  Section ( attended only 1 of 2 years)

2015-2018  National University of Art – Painting  Section –  The class of prof.univ.dr. Petru Lucaci


March 2013  – “The seasons of trees with stories ” – group  exhibition  organized at  the  Cultural Center Calarasi

April 2013 – ” To the Land of the Sun Rise”- collective  exhibition from the headquarter of  the

“Franz Binder” Universal Ethnography Museum in Sibiu, within the “ASTRA” National Museum Complex

June 2013 – “Second Game „, group exhibition organized at the” Radu Rosetti „Municipal Library, Onesti, Bacau County

July 2013  – The „Marine” collective  exhibition  organized by the art gallery „Elite Prof Art” at Pullman & World Trade Center, Bucharest Conference Center

Sept 2013 – Contemporary Art Exhibition „Ex-alt new Art” organized in Torre-Branca („Branca Tower”) Milan, Italy

Nov 2013 – Participation in the auction organized by Hospice House of Hope within the charity ball „Edelweiss”. Hospice  House of Hope  is a non-profit foundation  founded  for the purpose of palliative care of incurable patients in terminal stages in Romania

Dec 2013 – Participation in the charity auction „We unite every smile” organized to raise funds for children with special educational needs from Special Secondary School no. 2 from Ploiesti

Nov-Dec-  2013 – Collective Exhibition „Color Symphony-Orange” organized by the Art Gallery „Elite Prof Art” at Pullman & World Trade Center, Conference Center, Bucharest

May-June 2014 –„Abstract Art” collective exhibition organized at Pullman & World Trade Center, Bucharest Conference Center

December 2014 – „Ars Amandi” – collective exhibition organized by the Art School within the gallery „Elite Prof Art”

March 2015 – “ The echo of Colors „- Collective Exhibition organized by the School of Art within the Military Circle Gallery Bucharest

May 2018 -„Windows to the soul. Miss of Italy ” – collective exhibition organized by the Italian Institute of Culture, Bucharest

July 2018 – The exhibition of graduates of the faculty of painting  at  the National Art University organized at the Visual Art Center, Bucharest

Nov 2018 – „Metamorphosis” Exhibition, TRUICART Awards Gala, National Library – collective exhibition

About the „Cosmos” project:

„I love abstract painting.These three works are part of a little project, that I had at the university, called „Cosmos”. My inspiration was the painting of W. Kandisnky and J. Pollock, combining the geometrical elements of  Kandisnky and Pollock’s dripping technique trying to create something new. Kandinsky studied music and his art relied mostly on musical harmony, nothing was done at random in his art.

I loved the idea of harmony, rhythm and fluidity, but I also tried to be spontaneous creating so-called „music of the spheres”, something ethereal, making the mystery of universe more accessible to us by art. I want my art to visually impact the viewers  in such a way that they can feel the energy and the vibration of the colors and the whole dynamic of the compositions and, eventually, to stir up their emotions because art is not about perfectionism, it is about emotion.”


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