We have all admired at least once in our lives the hypnotic play of lights in a stained glass window bathed in sunlight. And yet the beauty that stunned us belonged to none of the dozens of pieces of coloured glass, nor even to the exquisite ensemble they create. Nor did it belong entirely to the glare of the sun’s rays which, striking an ordinary window, would make a passer-by avert his eyes. The real wonder lay beneath our eyelids, those of us who looking from the right angle, at the right moment, witnessed the blossoming of a play unique in time and space, never to be revealed to another, being perfectly attuned to the vibration at that moment of our souls. In the same way, every moment of human life is also a piece of stained glass, waiting to be incorporated into the great whole and for its possessor to bestow it with its own inner radiance and then marvel at the beauty and meaning it has created.

The main elements used in my paintings are the tree and the leaf. These two elements represent our life and continuity on earth. The tree can also be looked at metaphorically, representing man in many different states (with leaves or without etc.) just as man goes through different stages during his life, keeping his roots the same.