Mihaela Barbu


Mihaela Barbu is a professional visual artist, with a Master degree of the National University
of Arts in Bucharest, Painting department.
She participated at groups art exhibitions organized by ICR Romania, the Union of Visual
Artists in Romania, well-known galleries and museums in the country, as well as at two
personal art exhibitions.
All her projects have a common denominator, namely “Alterations”. The perspective is
doubled: alteration seen from the outside (corroded or rusty structures, objects, materials) but
also from the inside, in the form of feelings or moods (pandemic moods).
Most of the works are the result of field research, images resulting from photographs, computer
processing and then transfer to canvas using acrylic paints and painting knives.
Through these themes, altered objects and altered feelings come to life, they tell a story that
the viewer must reconstruct in a personal way. The effort to recover these images through
painting is justified by the fact that it is still a warning about a dark future for humanity if it
does not radically transform its lifestyle, but also offers a message of hope that all is not lost:
art can transform something ugly and sad in everything they want to see and interpret the
viewer’s eyes.
2019 – 2021 – Master’s Degree at the National University of Arts Bucharest, PhD. Professor.
Petru Lucaci.
2019 – Union of Visual Artist member, Bucharest
2016 – 2019 – National University of Arts Bucharest, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting
Department, PhD. Professor Petru Lucaci
“Colored feelings” – individual exhibition, Serendipity, July 2015
“Spring Painting Salon” – group exhibition, Elite Prof Art Gallery
“Color exercises in abstract”, – individual exhibition, curator Mr. Emanuel Ghegu,
Mogoșoaia Palace, August 2016
“Crossroads” – group exhibition, curator prof. Univ. Dr. Petru Lucaci, Caminul Artei, July
„KAMA” – group exhibition, curators Mr. Valentin-Norbert Tarus and Alexandra David, Five
Plus Gallery, Vienna, Austria, December 2018
“ALTERATIONS” – individual exhibition, the theme being the alteration of various structures
and materials, curator Ms. Irina Cornișteanu, ICR Vienna, Austria, March 2019
Florence Biennale – Biennale Selection 2021
Coca Project – selection for Coca Project, Italy, 2021
Moldova Salons – group exhibition, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova, September 2021
Moldova Salons – ALfa Gallery, Bacău, Romania, October 2021
“Rosia Montana Dead green screaming” – Cluj, Romania, 2021
Blue Biennale – Adler Villa, Brașov, Romania, October 2021
National Salon of Contemporary Arts – Senat, Bucharest, Romania, November 2021 N.
Tonitza Biennale – Sturza House Collections Museum, Bârlad, Romania, May 2022
Osten Biennale of Drawing – North Macedonia, September 2022