Dragos Neagoe


We are aesthetically impressed how nature through its mechanical, physical, or chemical processes  transforms / re-models  the volume  and  assimilates it  in  its  universe. For me, the form completes / coexists with nature becoming tree, rock, water, or clay.

Any patch of earth  from any geographical location hides a part of human history. In any ordinary digging, you can find  time-preserved  imprints  of sand, earth, or  lava! These stamps can hide  artifacts like, a sculpture , a house,or  a place of worship.  They give us valuable information about extinct civilizations, their habits, and way of life!

Therefore, in my pit, I re-create this process of history by modeling works in negative that have different character as a whole! The particularities and / or individualities of my portraits come from the composition of the earth I work with. An important aspect for me is what I discover in my pit. What organic  or mineral world  is offered  to me. Thus, I try to find an organic  mineral connection of the earth with which I must collaborate and build the shape, and structure of the pit. There I try to unify the two DIMENSIONS (one physical and the other spiritual). It is a difficult approach because shades make the difference, and my pit becomes the common ground of the two identities.

I repeat, love knows how to bring people together, she  helps them communicate with each other, and knows how to grant  and inspire. My inspiration comes from love, which becomes my perfect chisel.