Casandra Domide-Bălțătescu


When I work the time stops and life ceases to exist in the forms described by those around me, becoming the joy and the play itself.

Born on May 23rd, 1989 in Bucharest, just 4 months after the death of the famous painter Salvador Dali, Casandra Domide-Bălțătescu is noted for her paintings in surrealist style.

Even as a child she showed interest in drawing and painting, her first attempts symbolizing fruits and wild animals. Convinced of her talent, her parents encourage her to work by organizing her first painting exhibitions in 2003 and 2004 in Slobozia, along with the book launches of the writer Nina Beciu, the works of art exposed also appearing on the covers and in their illustrations.

In 2007 she decided to attend university courses, within the Faculty of Medicine in Brasov, having the specialization Balneophysiokinetotherapy. After four years of study she feels the attraction of the psychology studies and decides to enroll and follow the Faculty of Psychology, later completing her studies with the Master of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Intervention; all the while showing concerns for oil painting and graphics.

Since 2015 there is an explosion of imagination, her works becoming more sophisticated and presenting a very rapid evolution of the clarity of their execution and symbolism. In 2019, she participates in four national and international collective painting exhibitions, noting herself by the uniqueness of the ideas presented, vibrant colous and special attention to detail; activities of this type continuing in the present.