Bianca Boeroiu


Bianca Boeroiu is a romanian visual artist, born in Ploiesti ,in 1977. She studied at the National University of Arts  in Bucharest and completed her  postgraduate studies with a MFA in Ceramics. She is a member of Romanian Artist’s Union since 2002.

Her series of objects provide a personalized universe, describig the state and symptoms of a certain Self, stamped by inner compulsions, yet by strong outer influences too. A structurally baroque dimension, dominated by the fussion between reality and fiction, an empathic dialogue supported by the fragile association of some apparently non-compatible elements. She melts human features and mechanical details together, in order to develop specific meaning, symbolism and psychological impact – a combination that allows creativity to express itself in various characters that straddle both real and fictional worlds. The limited chromatic palette reveals the dynamic of the volumes and the surface’s delicacy.

Considering that the interior design must evolve in relation with the contemporary art, which is both aesthetically and conceptually valuable, by opening a way of communication between those two, we manage to reconsider the spaces we inhabit.

2002 ‒ Scholarship for Youth, Fine Artists’ Union (FAU) of Romania, Bucharest Branch
2001 ‒ Prize for Debut granted by FAU of Romania, Fire Arts Biennial (Ceramics)

2016 ‒ Symposium on Art, Khajuraho, India
2013 ‒ Symposium on Art, Thailand
2012 – Art Link Symposium, Hòa Bihn, Vietnam
2011 – International Symposium, Sasaran, Malaysia
2010 ‒ International Symposium, Schloss Gabelhofen, Austria
2009 ‒ Creation Symposium, Dorobanţi (AR), Romania
2008 ‒ Land Art Symposium, Dosul Garciului, Sângeorz-Băi (BN), Romania
International Symposium, El Minia, Egipt
2007 ‒ Ceramics Symposium, Museum of de Comparative Art, Sângeorz-Băi
Symposium, Marija Bistrica, Croatia
Creation Workshop, Dorobanţi
2006 ‒ International Symposium, Tenerife, Spain
2005 ‒ No Name International Symposium, Niklasdorf, Austria
2004 ‒ Summer Workshop, Dorobanţi
International Symposium, Slovakia
2003 ‒ Ceramics Symposium, Botoşani, Romania
“D. Fleiss & East-West Artists”, International Symposium, Carei (SM), Romania
2002 ‒ Ceramics Symposium, Resen, Macedonia
Studentfest, Timişoara, Romania
2001 ‒ Summer Workshop, Cetate (DJ), Romania
2000 ‒ Summer Workshop, Corvin Castle, Hunedoara, Romania
Resurgence of Tradition: Vădastra-2000 Project (ceramics)
Studentfest, Timişoara
1999 ‒ Vădastra-1999 Summer Workshop (ceramics)

2013 ‒ National Library, Bucharest
2012 ‒ “Imaginarium”, Galateea Gallery, Bucharest
2010 ‒ Raku Gallery, Museum of Comparative Art, Sângeorz-Băi

2015 ‒ “Young Romanian Ceramists”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Cluj International Ceramic Biennale, Cluj-Napoca
Orizont Gallery, Bucharest
2014 ‒ ArtYourself Gallery, Bucharest
2013 ‒ Galateea Gallery, Bucharest
UNAgaleria (National University of Arts’ Gallery), Bucharest
2012 ‒ “Romanian Contemporary Ceramics”, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest
Decorative Arts Biennial, Constantin Brancusi Hall, Palace of Parliament, Bucharest
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