Vernissage Alexandra Jicol

„Autour Du Monde, De La Source, De Retour A La Source”

On 23th September took place the art exhibition: “Autour Du Monde, De La Source, De Retour A La Source” (Around the World From Source, Back to Source “);” 28 Art Project 2019 “. The vernissage  was hosted by the Noblesse Palace, an important cultural center.
Alexandra Jicol is an internationally famous artist. She left her country 16 years ago and spent much of her time in America and Japan. She has had exhibitions all over the world and has enjoyed through her art the hearts of thousands of people.

VernissageJapanese Art Exhibition

Her passion for Japan is also reflected in her artworks. The project was inspired by her travels around the world, from her professional and spiritual experience.
Her inspiration is based on traditional Japanese arts: SHODO (Japanese calligraphy), CHADO (tea ceremony), Kimonou art, Japanese landscapes, colors, culture and spirituality. The 28 works of art are supported by WASHI, the traditional fine Japanese manual paper, which is a work of art in itself.

Vernissage alexandra jicolTraditional Japanese Art

Alexandra Jicol had a speech in front of her admirers. She spoke about the project “28 Art Project 2019” and her journey as an artist. Japan’s Councilor Takahiko Watabe also delivered a speech.
The opening continued with the tea ceremony, a traditional Japanese ritual. Three ladies from the Chado Urasenke Tankokai Romania Luminis were dressed in traditional Japanese costumes: kimono. The tea ceremony reflected the patience and delicacy of the Japanese people.

tea ceremony

Valentin Vasiliu and Valentin Codescu from Opera Bariton delighted us with their talent. Valentin Vasiliu impressed us with his strong and deep voice and Valentin Codescu through the playful notes of the piano.

The exhibition is open to the public from 23rd September  to 24th September , at the Noblesse Palace, Strada Sfintilor, Nr.7, from 10:00 to 18:00.