Fusion Arts Fair 2022

The 6th edition of Fusion Arts organized by Fusion Arts Agency by Noblesse Group, opens its doors between September 23 and 25, at Noblesse Palace.


Under the slogan “Arts brings us together”, Fusion Arts will bring under its umbrella over 50 Romanian and international contemporary artists from various fields such as painting, sculpture, graphics, decorative art, fashion design, object design and more.

During three days, Noblesse Palace and its garden will be transformed into an arts hot spot, and will offer meaningful and comprehensive experiences to all the art lover visiting the exhibition. We also arranged interesting artistic moments, live music and theatre shows, art workshops. You will be able to interact will all the artists and enjoy our surprises.

All the information regarding this event and our artists you will find on the website or on Instagram page @fusionartsnoblesse.

About Fusion Arts Agency

Fusion Arts is a Noblesse Group art agency dedicated to bringing together artists whose work covers a wide range of disciplines, styles, and forms. All of these activities take place within the agency and are integrated with the professionalism and passion of the Noblesse team in a variety of projects, including interior design, architecture, performances, art fairs, exhibitions, and special events.

Fusion Arts by Noblesse Group organizes art events and promotes original artwork for a public interested in beauty, uniqueness, and inimitable pieces created by Romanian artists. Whether it’s incorporating art into interior design projects for homes, apartments, offices, or architectural projects, art provides authenticity to the public and represents a valuable investment.

Noblesse Group’s team of designers and architects responds with professionalism to requests for consultation and to leave work unfinished in projects where interior design, architecture, and art all share the same space. As a result, art has the ability to alter the perspective of interior design, as well as provide us with beautiful perspectives. As a result, the Noblesse Group incorporates many forms of art into the projects that they create with passion.

About Noblesse Group

Since 2007, the Noblesse Group has added value to the lives of its customers via interior design that is inspired by passion and professionalism. Architects and designers form a team that provides services that meet the highest standards, which are recognized both on the domestic and international markets.

Noblesse Group’s interior design projects have won several awards over the years, including the Boutique Award in the “The Most Office” competition for the Noblesse Group office project. Noblesse Group was named “Best Interior Design Studio in Romania” in the 2019 Architecture Awards, a competition organized by Build Magazine, and for exceptional results in interior design innovation, Noblesse Group was awarded “ The award for Excellence in Interior Design Innovation” in the 2019 Designer Awards, organized by the British publication LUXlife MAGAZINE.

Noblesse Group, a member of the International Interior Design Association of the United Kingdom, has vast experience and a broad portfolio of projects, including heritage restoration, interior design for hotels, restaurants, public spaces, apartments, residences, corporate offices, and more.

The headquarters of the Noblesse Group is Noblesse Palace, a true architectural and cultural landmark in Bucharest, dating from 1881 and designed by Alexandru Săvulescu. Following a lengthy process of consolidation, careful restoration of historical elements, interior and exterior landscaping, the building has evolved into what it is today: one of Europe’s most significant centres for design, art, events, and culture.