Fusion Arts Fair 2021

The 5th edition of the Fusion Arts Fair brought together artists communities with their audiences, targeting art lovers of all ages and inspiring various creative projects. Over 50 artworks were exhibited at Noblesse Palace including paintings, sculptures, digital art and mixed media. Both the palace and the garden became a multicultural universe, full of beauty, passion and colour.

During the 3 days of the event, participants got the opportunity to interact with artists in a variety of workshops, including painting, decorative art, origami and digital art. Experiences from several forms of art were included in the program, such as a stand-up comedy moment co-hosted by The Fool, a piano and clarinet recital, 2D projections and many more.

The concept of the event, #WeReCreateOurWorldTogether, brought to the public’s attention the importance and contribution that artists and creative industries have in society, especially in the current context of the pandemic, in which we are looking for new ways to redraw everyday life, more concerned with the impact on the environment, the future we determine, the relationships with others and inclusion.

21 talented artists of our agency worked together during the event and created a special work of art: a mix of ideas, visions and different techniques brought together on the same canvas. This work is up for auction and the money will be entirely donated to Hospice Casa Sperantei. Having the size of 1.5m x 1.5m, this work can be perfectly integrated in a hotel lobby, residential, office, company headquarters or a living home area with generous heights.

Click on the picture for more details about the auction!

Fusion Arts Fair 2021 was also part of the Romanian Design Week 2021 program, being among the main satellite locations this year.
The sponsors of this event were: Mercedes-Benz Romania, Radio Guerilla, Magazinul Artistilor, Simbio pe roţi, Vodka Absolut, Coffee Bike, and Frizzante Van.