Fusion Arts 2018

Fusion Arts 2018, May The Fusion Arts 2018 had place on May and it was the type of event mainly addressed to those fancying a typical garden event. Except there is nothing typical about the party being hosted by Noblesse Palace. The coolest and most creative artists was here. The main criteria for choosing them was the diversity in the […]
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Fusion Arts 2016

  Fusion Arts 2016, June Noblesse Interiors in partnership with the Noblesse Cultural Association organized the first edition of the Fusion Arts art exhibition between May 21 and June 5 2016 in Bucharest, at the Noblesse Palace- Lifestyle Palace. Fusion Arts is a project that brings to the forefront the idea of ​​merging interior design with designer and plastic art […]
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Fusion Arts 2017

Fusion Arts 2017, May Between 20th– 28th of May, Bucharest had the chance to experience a variety of art forms at Fusion Arts, a project developed and supported by the Noblesse Cultural Association, which promotes urban culture, bringing to the public over 50 artists from different fields. Noblesse Palace-Lifestyle Palace has turned into a hot spot of the arts and […]
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