Eduard Vinersar

I am a dynamic and creative young man who is passionate about the entire spectrum of visual arts and is always on the lookout for new artistic instruments with which to express myself.

Currently, I create one-of-a-kind  paintings and works of art, handmade, using mixed techniques, from various materials.

Drawing has been a love of mine since I was a youngster, and it has evolved into an activity that defines me. My methods for capturing fragments of my thoughts have evolved through time. I began with sketches, gathering a large portfolio of charcoal drawings, then switched to chalk and, not long after, the paper with the walls, when I began graffiti. I worked as a photographer at events and in various locations for numerous years. I attempted and will attempt again. The majority of my paintings are currently created of elasto-plastic material and oil colors on canvas, a new method that I adapted, a new way of expression, after a lengthy period of painting just with oil colors.

I wish I could share my masterpieces with art enthusiasts all around the world. In this message, I’m looking for ways to connect with artistic groups and creative art teams.


First Mother
Technique: Plasto-elastic și ulei pe pânză

Size: 150 x 100

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Technique:  oil on canvas

Size: 90 x 60

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