Vasii Marian


I’m just an 31 years old- visual artist, scenographer with an amazing- over a decade career in Romanian theatre. I can’t consider myself a painter nor a graphician. During the time I’ve developed myself into brand creating, event management and social media strategy. I am both, well balenced between emotional and rational or pragmatic. Whenever I’m tired of punctual tasks i escape into my artistic language of expression. Lately I’ve created an art class where I teach my students (from children to adults) the base of doing art.

I fell strong and mature about myself with what I have accomplished until today and this feeling is what I’ve always wanted to have during my youth. I no longer create art to „impress” I create art to prove myself thoughts and emotions- that is I’m not self sufficient, I’m in a good place with my creative spirit.

I feel inspired by personal experience, people, emotions and books. I always give myself challenges that I enjoy to explore.

I’ve dedicated all my life to relevant art expression since I was 4 years old seeking development and results. I believe that talent isn’t enough, i truly believe that working hard is the key to success.

Time is priceless, time is however we want to be but more important is to make the best of it.