Tunde Kicsi


I like to present myself a little differently: „holistic coach” or „spiritual coach”. That’s because besides
the (traditional) counseling part, more practical and alternative therapies such as Theta Healing and Access
Bars, which complements my esoteric approach to self-development and growth harmonious of each person.

I would like to talk about my paintings. They are, as I said earlier, loaded paintings energy to support healing, vibrational growth, release of emotions that have ceased to be useful at present.

I liked art since I was little, I just lacked the courage to start doing what makes me happy, and since I started my journey to spiritual growth I felt I had something to offer besides time and my support as a therapist.
The answer was not long in coming, so inspired by a lady who in turn makes Feng Shui paintings. I chose to make abstract paintings in my style, so that I can allow the viewer to see in my painting, the universe in his heart.
If you are wondering how I do this, it is quite simple – I let myself be guided by the Divinity