Tiberius Ciucinciu


Tiberius started drawing at 15, from architecture high school went straight to the University of Arts. After that began a career in advertising, first as a graphic designer, then as an art director.

But all that came to an end when he realized digital and oil painting brought him more meaningful experiences. From 2018 he became a full-time painter and occasionally a freelance graphic designer. The purpose of his art is to materialize his ideas and images given by his relentless brain. He’s covering a wide range of topics and mood in the paintings.

From weird uncanny almost surreal depictions, painful and uncomfortable ideas to funny looking cats and calm cubist birds and realist paintings. Realism, cubism and abstract aren’t the only styles he’ll address.

Curiosity will push and pull him around different styles and techniques. And guaranteed will try and work with other mediums, like clay, wax, metal, stone, glass, cat hair, humans, electricity, dark matter and so on and so forth.

He got in only one exhibition in 2012, then digital was the main way to get his works seen. But recently he got again a sweet taste for real life exhibitions and will try to mingle with those more and often.


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