Rosu Aprins


Rosu Aprins’ or R.A. is a concept that started as a way of creating a new world, through the personification of the various stages mankind goes through. The pseudonym ‘Rosu Aprins’, which translates as ‘Bright Red’, marks the entity that breathes life into the new world that’s currently black and white.

I was born in Bacau, Romania. I studied graphics at George Enescu University, in Iasi and, afterwards, I got my master’s degree from UNARTE University, in Bucharest.

Within this project, the drawing techniques embrace classical expressions thereby adapting them to the present condition. The concept of the new world emerges as a synthesis of shapes.

The themes of my works reflect new spaces of exploration and questioning, from satirical social comments to reinterpretations of fragments from Renaissance paintings.

The result is achieved through a labyrinthine composition of different structures, where the individual is guided by the inspiration of their own utopia.

In this fast-paced era I want to take the opportunity of exploring a side of inner-self in the context of the outside world by taking part in a waltz of shapes and a break from everyday life.




2017: Student Culture House – Gaudeamus – Iasi

2015: Garabia Zawp ”LaboArt” – Bilbao – Spain

2015: Galeria Victoria ”Drawing Room” – Iasi

2015: Galeria Aparte ”Instalation” – Iasi


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