Rîmbu Diana Roxana


The story of my life has been written long ago, by the first strokes of color, I once did when I was just a child. It is said that if you look into a young child’s eyes, you can see its entire future written in them, that’s how my family knew that creating art will be my purpose and force that would drive my steps in life.

Little did they know that Art, is not the only one that drives me, but also people, through the beauty of their soul, the colors of their eyes, the sound of their laughter, even their pain, loss and hurt, they inspire me. Smiles are worth every penny, they bring light into the darkness and a glimpse of hope to ones soul. My dream is to achieve this through my art, to heal people, to take their pain away, to make them smile.

My name is Diana Rîmbu, I’m a 28 years old  romanian artist, freshly graduated from “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanisn – Faculty of Architecture, currently studying for my final exams at Titu Maiorescu University – Faculty of Law, and this is my story passed down to you through my art.

To understand my art, one must not look at it through the eyes, but through the soul, for it speaks the lost language of the soul. My paintings are like tarot card, in that they provide answers to questions buried deep in our souls, that we carry in our hearts but have not yet realized.





Solo exhibition : “Tempi Passati” – Spiru Haret Faculty of Architecture , Bucharest



Solo exhibition : “ Revival” – Import gallery, Bucharest

“Revival” conference accompanied by the solo exhibition Diana Roxana Rîmbu, organized by the Romanian Academy of Scientist and the Institute for Studies, Research, Development and Innovation – Titu Maiorescu University, within the series of events “The Valences of Feminity”, Bucharest

Group exhibition : Blue Biennale Brasov – Hronicon – KronArt Gallery, Brasov

Special guest at the Ibooksquare’s “Words and coffee” evenings, organized by Librarium TNB and Ibooksquare, Bucharest

Group exhibition : “White Night of Art Galleries” – “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest


Group exhibition : “Ygdrasil” – Orizont Gallery, Bucharest


Special guest at the live TV broadcast of Ibooksquare’s “Words and coffee” evenings, organized by Ibooksquare and Linkpress TV, Bucharest

Group exhibition : Blue Biennale Brasov – Essentia – KronArt Gallery, Brasov