Neculai Daniel Valeriu


Daniel Valeriu Neculai, a complex artist, graduate of the University of Arts, Bucharest, with a License and Master Degree at the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, Mural Art section .

The artist approaches techniques like oil painting and acrylic on canvas, collage,  intervention on the image , cement fresco, colored mortars, affresco, all seco, mosaic, sgraffito, acrylic painting on the wall (interior wall and exterior façade) graphic art, interior design projects. He experiments with various unconventional materials (smart materials, ecological materials, recyclable materials)

He participated in individual and group exhibitions.

Group Exhibition:

 Achiţenie and Achiţenii, Exhibition Hall Constantin Brâncuşi, International Conference Center, Parliament Palace

ART WALK STREET,  at the Urban Art Festival, in the Revolution Square, Bucharest

PRESENT: Past   FUTURE, within the Calpe Gallery, in partnership with Buziaş City Hall, Timişoara

He has collaborated in group projects, street art, public art, installation art and environment.

Art intervention in the public space, painting, within the Art Pavilion, Art Safari 2018. Street art project at Calea Victoriei 2017, organized by the City Hall of Bucharest

In the field of mural art he painted over 500 square meters in the affresco technique, all seco, mosaic, sgraffito

„I am a positive person in any situation, I always look for the good part and I am patient. I’m Creative, not only in art but also in everyday life, I have a rich imagination. In art projects I work passionately and create on tens of meters. Art is a way of expression. Art is a bridge between generations.”



Group exhibition Exhibition, Fusion Arts, Noblesse Palace, Bucharest

Group Exhibition, Achiţenie and Achiţenii, Exhibition Hall Constantin Brâncuşi, International Conference Center, Parliament Palace installation and painting, acrylic on the wall, Garrett Motion (Honeywell Garrett), Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu, number 244a, Bucharest

Mural painting, al secco technique, Perieni village, Vaslui county

Mural painting, fresco technique, St. Nicholas Church, Dodeşti village, Vâltoteşti

Restoration, Constantine and Elena Church, Drumul Taberei, Bucharest


Art intervention in the public space at the  Festival of Snowflakes, 2018, organized by the City Hall of Bucharest through the Center for Educational and Sports Projects Bucharest – Proedus

Scenography at the Fuchsiada event, and the Montage Association project co-funded by AFCN

and so on…


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