Mihai Poiana



Pure Energy- Exhibition (In production)
Personal Space (iPhone Diary)-Exhibition (In production)
Destruction of Monuments of Eastern Christianity (Hardcover Photo Album)
by Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy-Greece
Swans Lake (Ballet Rehearsal)- Photoshoot for the National Opera House Bucharest
Pulse-UNARTE Diploma Exhibition as Guest Artist with video projection
Festival Photography- Guest Photographer at 3 Smoked Olives Festival
Jewelry Photography- Pictorial & Product Photography for Utopic by Mona Vulpoiu
Auschwitz Today- Exhibition at The Austrian Embassy
Event & Advertising Photography (2 years) for the Austrian Cultural Forum

About the project:  Electricity – an expression of energy

Imago Mundi as a mirror for our worldly image can be as subjective as any human perception. Nevertheless, it is my personal filter applied to an immediate reality in constant motion. My image of the world falls into place as a reflection of my interior space in a dynamic environment. My experience follows a natural flow, a path, a journey.

The starting point is subsidiarity the same with the finish line. The journey is led by a continuous flow of information and affects as a symbol of an energy in a perpetual transformation. The whole evolutional force can be seen as the Wanderer archetype that echoes in all exploration of the outside surroundings, as well as the inside realm.

To get to the essence, the wanderer puts through a sieve the entire dynamics that surround him in order to obtain a sheer flow of energy. The plasma effect and the array of colours capture the subtleties perceived and inspired by the external environment. The emphasis lies on the vibrato that gives the image a vivid pulse.

This vibration carries the transformative process into another expression, into the essence of things, into energy. The duality of human perception of reality is expressed by the positive-negative polarity. This aspect is obtained by a simple, yet powerful photographic procedure. The images under the cast of polarity follow a common axis drawn by the vibrational element into unity. The light and dark hues in the background suggest the dichotomy of a free space and of a compact one. In each of the spaces arise distinct expressions of emotions. The light is impressed on the sensor on time intervals using a long exposure technique of time frames of 3.2 seconds and 5 seconds. The process is of dynamic and organic nature.

The images host the meeting point of two dimensions: an empirical reality which transcends toward a subtle sensorial realm. The overlapping of the two planes of existence ascends the Axis Mundi as an alchemical element transforming matter into energetic essence. The series impresses the viewer into a state of flow as an invitation to introspection.