Medeea Namolosanu


„I believe art has the role of managing the relationship between the inner and the outer world, while the aim of the artist is not to explain their experience but to describe it, being an instrument for the soul to explore itself, through every brush stroke, through every thought that accompanies the revealing of the new reality on the canvas. It is a very lively and intimate process, unveiling and enriching and I consider it to be a means more than a purpose.


I wish to believe that my art brings the ones who get in contact with it the possibility of uncovering unexpressed or unconscious pieces of their inner selves and that at least part of the emotions emerged from my connection with the canvas are reaching out to them.”


Two week residency award, Barcelona, Spain

Group Exhibition
D2O Urban Bistro, Bucharest
Words Cabaret Solo Exhibition, Bucharest
Contempora 8 Group Exhibition, Bucharest
Contempora 8 Group Exhibition, Bucharest
Contempora 2 Group Exhibition, Bucharest


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