I enrolled in my first sculpture course when I was only 12 years old. I followed other sculpture and painting courses. After finishing high school, I attended the Polytechnic Institute of Timișoara, following the Faculty of Automation and Computers. After several years of working in 3D design, making CNC machines, I decided to combine my favorite skills and step by step build a workshop of more than 500 square meters.
I want to be perceived as a source of inspiration for experiences through which you bring to life a house, a room, a garden or a special place for you. My delight is to bring joy to your homes.
I execute unique contemporary works through different techniques and welding machines, having a vast experience and also create residential, industrial or customer projects. Among my many autorizations can be listed the level II certification for the position of WELDER (MIG / MAG, TIG / WIG or with electric arc). In the course of 360 hours I developed skills in welding for totally different techniques from each other.
I have been very passionate about sculpture for over 30 years. There was a period when I did performance sports and moved away from sculpting, but now I’m back. I am in love with metal, how from a lifeless sheet of tin you can give life by creating a work of art in various forms and that can last for centuries to come.
Consequently, I am very fascinated to be the first witness to see the transformation from a hard material into a beautiful final expression. In this way, through effort, without rushing, with some noise in the background, sometimes with burns, in heat or cold, with dedication the metal takes shape, and the artist receives the most beautiful gift, appreciation. Then, I forget all those hard steps I went through and I can finally feel that what I did was right. I have been employed all my life in certain factories or in many national ones, I have also made all kinds of efforts there, but I have not received so much appreciation in my whole life since I took up art again.
I remember when one of my clients told me how much he is aware of all of the projects and sculptures I made for him, since he came across me and my work. His words have driven me to continue and to bring joy to the homes of others.