Loredana Tataru


„Today, 28 y, I’m a mother, a sister, a wife, a make-up artist, a former store manager at MAC Cosmetics and a painter. These are all roles that I took the responsibility to play at a certain moment in life.

The artist, well, is that human being who lives behind all these roles, and represents, for me at least, at the same time, the source and the recipient of all emotions and moods.

In all of these roles, my entire work, was basically done in the service of women (including my daughter). This is how, for the last 6 years, I got to experience and know myself from different points of view, and to lighten up some deep corners of my soul.

All these experiences filled me up with emotions, feelings and moods that came together and created an internal pressure. Through colors and shapes I have the chance to put this “pressure” on canvas and to give life once again to some experiences that maybe I didn’t have the chance to better understand at certain moments in life. Sharing all these feelings through the means of colors, expressing my emotions creates a safe environment and makes people feel less lonely.

This is how I feel dared by everything related to women. I like to make them feel beautiful through the power of make-up and to help them be more vulnerable through the art of painting. With the help of both, make-up and painting, to make them love themselves as they are, unique human beings.”


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