Liliana Stoica


Liliana Stoica is the person who relaunched the art of mosaic, reinterpreting it in a new and unique concept through wood and vivid colors. „We are made of color, lines, spaces, thoughts, emotions, aspirations. We are a spectacular landscape made up of every point of every day, every thought and every joy. ”

Liliana Stoica’s art tells this story, of the color in each of us. She creates this story through pieces of carved and colored wood. The elements combine in a mixture of sculpture, drawing and painting to create a three-dimensional representation of emotion.

Liliana tells her story in her paintings – a woman with a successful career in the corporate environment, who realized one day that the plans and aspirations she outlined need color to be complete. After a trip to Mexico, which proved to be revealing, thus a clear idea of the art form that represents her emerged.