Lazar Andrei


„I have been studying art in an institutional framework never, everything I know I learned alone. I have higher education in another field. I have drawn since I know, but I have not done a life purpose in this and have repressed this talent.

After a period of 15 years in the corporate sales department, I capitulated and understood then that what I was doing did not represent me. I had to find a meaning in life.

As nothing is happening ARTA appeared. I started working in 2014 and in 2015 I switched to the canvas, but nobody saw or appreciated what I was doing … so in 2016 to my sister’s advice I made my facebook account (36 years old) becoming my work visible.

She gave me the chance to be invited for an interview with a local television, to be able to exhibit in two beautiful locations in Ploiesti and I attend the Art Walk Street art festival in Bucharest where in 2017 I won the Gold Prize and in 2018 the Pegas sponsor award, also in 2018, I participated in the Metamorphosis exhibition held at the National Library of Romania, the National Art Contemporary Art Contemporary Salon.

Arta is the most beautiful and complex form of expression. It means to me the shortest way to reach the soul of people, it is my form of speaking and telling what I feel to everyone.”


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