Lavinia Falcan


„Color is queen for me, I love to paint portraits of women which defy the male gaze with stylistic invetion. Born in Bucharest, Romania, I studied painting at the National University of Arts, earning both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree there.

Painting on large canvases that match the height of my viewers are my favourite, I draw being inspired from colors, people’s faces and important events in my life. Large walls are not immune to my touch either , as I also paint murals , glass and found objects. In fact, over the last twelve years, I established myself as one of the few muralist in Bucharest, developing a rare mural business named Madonia Art.

My paintings give a vivid impression of continuous motion of the game thoughts and feelings within a pleasant symphony of metamorphosed colors. I wish to bring in the art of painting a new approach about image and space composition and a freshness full of sonority, giving to beauty a state of equilibrium by using a healthy chromatic and well chosen.

With a typical tone of vitality, I like to transform the objects that are vaguely observable into wonderful breathings that are sometimes translucent or abundant and strong which transforms dreams and aspirations into a gratifying and perceptible reality.”

2018 – Armory Artweeks New York – March – New York, United States of America
2017- Spectrum Miami Art Fair – December- Miami, United States of America
2017- Monaco Art Fair – September- Monte Carlo
2017 Group exhibition- “ Mortal Coil “ – Manhattan Art and Antiques – New York, United States of America
2017 – Group exhibition – „Plurality of Expression „- Agora Gallery- New York, United States of America
2016- Solo exhibition – „ Love of womans” – Calderon Institute- Bucharest , Romania
2016 – Group exhibition –„Summery” – Elite Prof Art Gallery, Bucharest , Romania
2016- Group exhibition – „ Feel the Bucharest „- Pura Vida Hostel- Bucharest , Romania
2015- Solo exhibition – „ Restaurants „ –Bucharest , Romania
2013- Group Exhibition „ Dreams Paintings „ – Palace of Parliament edition II , Bucharest, Romania
2011- Group Exhibition „ Dreams Paintings „ – Palace of Parliament edition I , Bucharest, Romania
2010-Solo exhibition – „ The Little Bar „ – Bucharest, Romania




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