Laura Nicoleta Stoian


Being still at the beginning of the road, my works are looking for one
different perspective, own on the natural world. My paintings illustrate
natural elements that are abstracted and reduced to a system of forms
geometrically treated decoratively.

I am inspired mainly by nature. I spend quite a lot of time in
nature, noticing the little things around me. The flight of an insect,
the fall of a leaf can be a valuable source of inspiration. The nature
it is full of mysteries waiting to be revealed.

I attended the High School of Arts in my hometown Ramnicu Valcea, then
bachelor’s and master’s degree studies at the National University of Arts in
Bucharest. Over time I participated in numerous competitions
national art, exhibitions and painting camps. My works can be found
in public and private collections in Romania, the Netherlands and Switzerland.


• 01.10. 2020- George Vraca 4, „Try Hard Collective”, București
• 14.07. 2020- Muzeul de Artă Satu Mare, Expoziția aniversară XXV „Micul prinț” XXV, Satu Mare
• 13.02. 2020- Galeria Căminul Artei, „Akitzenie & Sons”, București
• 01.12. 2019- Galeria Cozia Pasaj 1, „Semne de identitate”, Râmnicu Vâlcea
• 23.07. 2019- Hotel Cozia, Expoziția Taberei „Vlaicu Ionescu”, Călimănești
• 21.01. 2019- Palatul Parlamentului, „Achițeni și Achițenii”, București
• 05.10. 2018- „Diploma”,The Institute, București
• 30.07. 2018- Galeriile Artex, Salonul Județean de Artă, Râmnicu Vâlcea
• 30.07. 2017- Galeriile Artex, Salonul Județean de Artă, Râmnicu Vâlcea
• 08.04. 2016- UNAGaleria, Expoziția Concursului Rembrandt, București
• 12.12. 2015- Galeriile Artex, „Râmnicul meu”, Râmnicu Vâlcea