I am a self-taught artist who lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. I started painting in 2012 as a hobby
and at the beginning of 2020 I have decided to renounce my professional career and follow my passion,
painting! Since then I have been a full time artist, continuing to experiment, learn and grow, painting
every day.
For me, painting is all about passion, experimenting and joy! It gives me freedom to express myself just
how I feel, without any rules. I love painting and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else!
My art is emerging from my personal experiences, emotions and senses. My inspiration comes from all
around me throughout the daily random encounters and the expression of my creation process. I try to
show the soul of each piece in color, various shapes and textures.
My paintings are created mainly intuitively, each stroke and color choice is informed both consciously
and unconsciously, leaving room for chance but are also the result of a meticulous work process. The
process is revealed through acrylic gestural strokes and collage elements, creating depth and richness as
the layers build. Expressive marks with charcoal, pastels and pencils are embedded in the paint to guide
the eye and balance the composition. My ambition is to achieve balance between color, values and
textures, but also to create that beautiful contrast between harmony and chaos