Iosif Varga


” Excellent draftsman, painter of great temperament, tumultuous, but perfect master of his skills, Iosif Varga is not subordinated to formulas or trends.

If he takes common paths with other fellow painters, it does not disturb him. His stroke is pressed – firm and nuanced – and leaves particular marks, both on well-trodden ground or on virgin land.
Thought and gesture are paired, as are paired – weirdly! – brutality and innocence, vehemence and discretion which characterize the painter’s canvases, resolute in his painting and in himself.”

Radu Ionescu

Solo and group exhibitions

1974 Solo exhibition, House of Culture, Salonta
1977 Participation in the contest “Cintarea Romaniei”, Oradea, 1st Prize
1980 – Mosaic at the House of Culture Costesti. Arges County
1981 Homage exhibition “Bela Bartok” Cluj Napoca
Republican Youth Exhibition, Dalles Hall, Bucharest
Municipal exhibition of drawing Eforie Gallery, Bucharest
1982 Exhibition of graphics, Costinesti
Exhibition “Peisaj ’82”, Bucharest
Personal exhibition “Iosif Varga Drawing”. (Gallery “Cenaclu”, The Inn with Tei, Bucharest)
1983 Exhibition “Landscape ’83”, Bucharest
Municipal Exhibition of Plastic Artists, Bucharest
Group exhibition – “Illustration of poetry”. (Atelier 35, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest)
1984 Republican Painting Exhibition, Bucharest
Juan Miro” Drawing Competition, Barcelona, Spain
Group exhibition “Drawing.Poetry” (Atelier 35, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest)
1985 Drawing contest “Juan Miro”, Barcelona, Spain
Republican Painting Exhibition, Bucharest
International Drawing Exhibition of the Society of Japanese Artists, Tokyo, Japan
Group exhibition Painting (Eforie Gallery, Bucharest)
1986 Group exhibition (Gallery Hanul cu Tei, Bucharest)
1987 “Art of Today II”, Budapest, Hungary
1990 National Salon of Graphics (National Theatre Gallery, Bucharest)
National Youth Exhibition, Bucharest
1991 National Exhibition of Fine Artists of Romania, Bucharest
1992 National Salon of Graphics, Bucharest
1996 National Salon of Fine Artists National Theatre Gallery, Bucharest
2001 Municipal Exhibition of Visual Artists – Graphic Section (Gallery “Caminul Artei”, Bucharest)
2002 National Exhibition of Fine Artists – Graphic Section (Apollo Gallery, Bucharest)
Exhibition of the artists from Salento – graphics, Salonta, Jud. Bihor
2003 National Salon of Graphics (New Gallery. National Theatre, Bucharest)
Exhibition of Salontani artists Salonta, Jud. Bihor
2004 National Salon of Graphics (National Theatre Gallery, Bucharest)
2005 Triennial Exhibition of Artists from Bucharest of Transylvanian origin” (Curator A. Romoceanu
(Gallery “Apollo”, Bucharest)
2006 Participation in the first Drawing Competition, Aristotelles Onassis Foundation, Athens, Greece
2007 Personal exhibition of graphic art (Art Jazz Club, Bucharest)

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