Ioana Tanasescu


Born in 1990, Ioana Tanasescu-Zaiet is an emerging visual artist from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

From early years, her passion for travel and sculpture guided her to leave her birthplace and pursue studies in France, Spain and Belgium, where she completed her Masters degree in Sculpture.

Ioana`s work is focused mainly on the human figure, in her constant search of translating experience and emotion through figurative sculpture.

At 19 she had her first solo show in Rennes/France, followed by many others in countries like Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Armenia, Morocco, Bulgaria, and her most recent exhibition, IDENTITY, took place in 2020 in Cluj-Napoca.

Since 2018 the artist divides her focus between Sculpture and experimental Jewelry, developing the brand FRUCT, where she plays with shapes, textures and techniques resulting in contemporary jewelry made on precious metal and gemstones