Gabriela Anitei


„I consider Art to be, for the one who practices it, a necessity, a way of life, of communication with others and a way to connect to the reality, by trying to understand himself and the sense of his existence.

If I have to declare my affinities to a certain artistic current, I define myself as an artist who oscillates between expressionist, symbolist and realist currents.

I’m carrying on my artistic activity not following a specific concept but an attitudinal approach, which I’m inclined to call “introspective”, because it consists of  a kind of sincerity and  commitment in treating the subjects I’m really preoccupied with, subjects which I intend to explore and then redefine through the filter of my feelings and imagination.

In my personal artistic world I read a lot, I listen various kinds of music, but mostly classical, especially when I’m working. Thus, my thoughts and feelings which emerge during these occupations, are the ones to be found explicit or just suggested in my works. Also, the pleasure experienced every time I am in the midst of Nature, far from the crowds and urban noises, is completed by the pleasure – even the need – of photographing everything that impresses me and leads me to meditation. So that, when I return to my studio I surprisingly find myself painting and reproducing more my state of mind and feelings experienced before the subject, then the subject itself.

My creations represents on one hand my constant preoccupation for existentialists themes, such as individuals versus destiny, predestination, divinity (both Christian and Mythological), seclusion, loneliness, in every case the technique and style being selected according to the subject in question, and on the other hand my passion, also constant, for painting, drawing, for study: of nature and all that surrounds me.

Most of the cases, I opt for a narrative, figurative representation, in rare cases (when the subject requires) the created images have a tendency towards abstraction.”


2010 – Arcus Cultural Center – Sf. Gheorghe

2000 – Romanian Literature Museum – Bucharest

1996 – Horizon Gallery – Bucharest

1994 – Simeza Gallery – Bucharest

1992 – Home Art Gallery – Bucharest

1991 – History Museum – Satu Mare


2018 2016 2014 – Biennial Fine Arts „Ion Andreescu” – Buzau

2018 – International Exhibition of Book / Object „WEST MEETS EAST – 2018″ –Square Spain Gallery – Bucharest

– The Salon of Medieval Art – National Library Bucharest

– ” Stylistic Itinerary ” – Home Art Gallery, ground floor – Bucharest

2018 2017 2016 – The Winter Salon – Gallery Home Art – Bucharest

2018 – 2012 – Group exhibition – DanaArtGallery – Bucharest

2017 – „Traveler in time and Space” – Museum of Archeology – Constanța and the Romanian Literature Museum – Bucharest

– Exhibition of Medieval Art – National Library Bucharest

– Moldova Salons – Bacău, Chișinău

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