Elisabeta Vlad


Elisabeta Vlad was born in Bucharest in 1983. She graduated the National University of Arts in Bucharest in 2007. She currently lives and works in Bucharest.

Her artwork were exhibited in art galleries from United States of America, Spain, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania. Some of her paintings are owned in private and public collections in United States of America, Mexico, France, Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania.

Elisabeta Vlad is a painter who loves to focus on abstract, portraits and nature.On the way to studying famous portraits she created self portraits likeĀ Self portrait as Vlad Tepes, Self portrait as Maria de Medici and Self portrait as Tutankamon. Her abstract paintings express emotions because of color psychology explorations and brush flows experiments as in the canvasesĀ Endo focus, Light in April and Abstract red composition.

Besides painting, her creative experience includes art teaching, mural painting, photography, video-performance, performing-arts, body painting.


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