Eduard Achitei


Born in 1984 in Romania, Moldavia region where I spent my childhood in Bacau.
From an early age I had an interest in painting and in my first public display of my artwork was during primary school in a local art gallery.

I started painting again in 2009 using as medium: acrylics paint and followed a self-thought path which gave me a wide angle to study a variety of painting technique.
After a period of traveling and staying in different cities, I established myself in Bucharest, where I got connected more into the artistic world.

My aesthetics are not based on academic visual language. I am constantly looking to implement in a naive but very methodical way, some emotional content on the canvas.

The word I am creating is rooted in imagination from abstract concepts to the realm of fantasy and created characters, from the psychedelic environment to detailed nature, creating a bridge between the way I emotionally perceive the word and the way I want to express it to observer’s eye. My paintings are my attempt to connect the viewer to the story that I want to tell.


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