Dana Simion studied at the Art High School in Suceava, then continued her studies at the Art Academy in Bucharest, Romania. Her creations can be divided into abstract paintings and the return to the study of the human figure, of nature, of different forms and elements of reality, combining the real and the unreal. “The basis of my paintings is composed of 3 elements: beauty, expressiveness and color. I believe that an artist’s freedom consists of his authenticity. If you are able to be authentic, the rest will fall into place.” The artist describes herself as a free sprit, who emphasises on authenticity, avoiding the tempation of being fashionable or imitating patterns. She has experimented with combining various environments, techniques and different material: coal, combined with oil and acrylic and textile collage, paper collage or cardboard, slagmetal, ceramics, wood, metal, valorization in coal next to juxtaposition of color in knife, brush or color laid with the hand or cloth.
In her abstract paintings, the painter emphasizes on structures, combining various materials and artistic techniques, creating various effects and basoreliefs. By contrast, in studies of the human figure, of the character’s glance, of their expressiveness and of nature, Dana focuses only on painting, creating the sketch directly in color. “I like to always experiment and find new ways of expressing myself. I believe that a painting should intrigue you, it should bring you joy and passion when you’re admiring it, it should lead you into its story.”BIOGRAFIE | ARTIST | CONTEMPORARY ART The artist has exhibited in Romania and at international art fairs and group exhibition in Stuttgart (Messe Sindelfingen Art Fair), Berlin (Berliner Liste Art Fair), Torino (Paratissima Art Fair), Luxemburg (Luxembourg Art Fair), Barcelona (Hartexpo Art Fair, Art Nou Mil.leni Gallery-Group Exhibition), Roma (La Pigna Gallery- Over the realms dreams III, International Exhibition), Paris (Carrousel du Louvre Art Fair) and Florence (Over the realms dreams IV edition, Museo Bellini Florence)