Cazacincu Bogdan



Red Bull Carve the can of Romania 2015

Icoana-Beauty of Orthodoxy 2009-2011-2012

National Drawing and Message Contest ” Attention! Circus and Me! ” Mention 2011 ARR

Boss Promotion Master, Murray Art Section 2017

Art Walk Street 2017


2013- Teuccean Artistic Youth (Tecuci)


Personal Exhibition „Artmalgam” (Urban Collectors)

„Where are you, childhood …” (The art of living gallery)

„Strada de c’arte Festival” Galateca

,, 14 + 11 „Museum of Art in Constanta.

„STARt” Go art projects


Fusion Arts

Art Factory

DIPLOMA (Stirbea Palace)

MKP / Art On Site


Brancusi he [ART] beat (Qreator by IQOS)

Street Art Walk

Group 33/47 (Union of Plastic Artists – Bucharest Painting Branch) 24.10.2018

Art At Entrance (Galateca Gallery)


2015- Erasmus + Workshop Sgraffito and Street art Italy – Lecce

2017 – Fast-Art Experimentalist by Grolsch

2017 – Murals Painting, National College Spiru Haret, Bucharest

2017 – Anonymous Talent (Piatra Neamt)

2018 SISAF – International Festival of Street-Art Sibiu

2018 – Assistant collaborator in the Christian Hidaka project: Unhooked A Star. National Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania

2017- Art Walk Street

2018 SISAF – International Festival of Street-Art Sibiu


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