Bogdan Ceoceanu


My love for painting began in high school, when everything in my life was very abstract. I lost my father when I was young, and I wanted to channel my grief into something constructive. I went to a specialized high school and, without realizing it, I ended up as a master’s student in the painting department at the University of Art in Bucharest, under the direction of Mr. Rătălin Cătălin-Mihai Bălescu.

The license was a journey for myself, inspired by Rene Magritte’s surrealist works, renaissance and baroque.

The approached theme is philosophical but also sentimental, with the contemporary man and his search for self-knowledge as the subject of study. The curtain that covers the portraits of the characters, distorting the figure, conveys the fact that we can never know someone completely, so we see a „mask” of that man’s personality, thus the title of the „Masks of the Self” series.

The truth is in my work, which is why I convey a state of contemplation; I allow the red of the curtain shine a priori in front of the human being, philosophy being a complimentary route that I wish to pursue alongside my personal artistic journey.

My paintings stare at the spectator, transcend into his being, and bring him to a state of inquiry because the notion of mystery and the narcissistic and romantic treatment of form leave an impact on him.

I found comfort in the present method and theme; I researched as much as possible the anatomy and how I may alter the human body in the future; I use art for self-knowledge and psychoanalysis; and I want to inspire and encourage future generations; I want to continue at university.


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