Aniela Ovadiuc


The stoneware artworks are bringing together notes, states, tactilities. Aniela Ovadiuc is taking form as an ally to incite the viewer, to generate interrogations, but also to clarify and give birth to affirmations. The ceramist initiates visual games – by hiding the forms in order to uncover them in all their consistency, or she goes backwards the rite of development – leaving the form in sight and hiding it afterwards. She is bringing in our attention the emotional memory, in order to rebuild different aspects of her personality or that of the others. Each introspection or psychological investigation is illustrated through image and words.

Interactive installations generate sounds or stimulate space. The artist problematizes concepts such as time and communication (written or oral). What exactly defines, eternalizes or, on the contrary, purges them of all their content? In what conditions do they become absences or presences, self-definition or a way to discover others, freedom or captivity?

The minimalist compositions are envisaged as portraiture displays. Aniela Ovadiuc’s creations represent a crossroad between shape exploitation and lapidary / concise drawing. Incisions in the material, colouristic interventions, fragments and smooth sections join to give contour to his works.