Andreia Martinescu


Andreia Martinescu is a multidisciplinary professional artist (visual artist, set and costume designer, illustrator, artistic producer) with over 20 years experience in creating small and large artistic projects.

Among the projects are painting on canvas and other media, book illustration and intuitive guiding cards, set and costume design for shows and private events, interior decorations, short films with initiatic themes.

The artist perform non-formal courses in arts, art therapy workshops and spiritual initiation painting.

In recent years, Andreia has been focusing on works with angels themes. The paintings, apart from materializing as art objects, are also therapeutic objects used in various spaces to attract the positive energy of the place where are situated, as well as the increase of the frequency of those who live there.

The artist has works in private collections in Romania as well as Italy, Great Britain, USA, Mexico, Japan, Spain, France.


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