Andreea Toma


My name is Andreea Toma, I am a visual artist and graphic designer, graduate of a National Art University in Bucharest, Painting section. I participated at more group exhibitions and personal exhibitions. In 2018, I was part of project funded by AFCN, which had exhibitions in the most important locations, the Cultural Romanian Institute, Bucharest, Visual, Brasov and the Casa Artelor in Timisoara. I also painted live at several urban festivals.

My artistic research is focused on contemporary space, focusing on everyday’s life themes. For me art is my life and a language of communication for the ideas I want to convey.


Personal Exhibition “The Food #2”, at “Celula de Arta”, Bucharest

Group Exhibition “„NeoNlitic #2” la Visssual, Brasov

Exhibition “Noaptea Alba a Galeriilor”, at “Casa Carol”, Bucharest

Exhibition and live painting at “Art Walk Street”, Bucharest

Exhibition at “Noaptea Caselor #5”, Casa Carol

Live Painting “Balkanik Festival, 8th edition, Bucharest

Exhibition at “J’ai T-fest gallery”, Bucharest

Exhibition “Immortal beauty”, “Celula de Arta”, Bucharest

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