Andreea Oprisan


I am Andreea, I am a software developer engineer and a self-taught artist. I discovered my passion for art and photography about 8 years ago and ever since I continued to study on my own and teach myself in this field.


I first discovered my passion for painting when I participated in a Spray painting workshop and ever since I knew painting is something I want to experiment more in my life. I work with different mediums and themes, mostly around nature and abstract expressionism. My latest paintings are a series of Galaxies, as I have a great fascination for the universe, being amazed by its complexity, beauty and mystery.


I do believe that art is in each of us and it represents a different kind of language specific to each individual. Every work of art is a piece of ourselves and our story exposed to the world.


„Art Walk Street Festival” 2019 Bucharest, Romania

„Art Walk Street Festival” 2018 Bucharest, Romania