Anca Toma


I’m a traditional artist who paints mostly with acrylics on canvas. I took painting lessons in private for a few years in order to polish my skills and I kept practicing as a hobby until I started taking on commissions. In my paintings. I tend to use different themes, but mostly anime portraits and fantasy scenery. Some of my works are based on self-identity or inner worlds.


May 6-11th 2019

Fusion Arts Expo 2019 with Palatul Noblesse – Lifestyle Palace


About Art

What is painting for me? It’s simply a way of life that transforms my every day. You can find me in all my artworks, a continuous flow of ideas, impressions and emotions, but you can also find yourself. Art is a very debated concept, while some believe in the utility of the object of art, thus having many different aesthetics, moral and social roles, others say that art exists for art’s sake, allowing itself to be neutral towards all other aspects of society.

For me, personally, it is a way of finding oneself and connecting with the others. Colors reveal the soul. Moreover, from a cultural perspective, art is important in the view of the traces it leaves in the history of the humanity, a form of human record throughout time.


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