Anastasiu Oana


First of all, i don`t consider myself an artist, first I am a creative human in love with art. I like to think of myself as being a creator, because nowadays the term `artist` is vague, eneryone uses it even if they do not have an artistic bone in their body.

In a procentage anything can be art, we can find it everywhere around us.

I am not an artist, some of the people I know, would say, and they are entirely true, because I am not an artist. I AM ART! When I reply the provious sentence, they can`t understand the concept.

Of course! Why would they?

I am in love with art, with rain, with pain, a bit of color, a bit of void, whitch is present in my artistic expresions. I chouse to be art and I don`t want to be anything else.

I feel like I have so much to share with the world even the projects I haven`t even started yet, but they are locked in my mind and ready to be created. I also like to write about art sometimes, because I get this amalgam of feelings, and writing about them takes the edge off, so here are glimpses of my thoughts:

November 2019

`I used to love art so much, that it consumed me, in a way, I am not real in my own reality, anymore.`

January 2021

`I was born ART in a world full of people.`


Solo exhibition:

InterNations Business Networking Event – Private exhibition on the occasion of the event at Taupe Bistro Caffe Bucharest, in collaboration with MKP / Art on site, April-May 2019

Private exhibition at the headquarters of Smart Management Solutions, Nae Caramfil 49 Business Center, in collaboration with MKP / Art on site, November 2019

Group exhibition:

Achițenie and Achițenii -2019 – “Constantin Brâncuși” Exhibition Hall of the Parliament Palace, Bucharest, Romania

Akitzenie & sons LTD. -2020 – Căminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

„Camil Ressu” Biennial – 2020-Museum of Visual Art, Galați City, Romania

Art Number 23- London-Athens, Open Art Contest 2020

Women’s Art -2021- „Ștefan Luchian” Art Galleries Botoșani Romania

The archeology of the image – contemporary art exhibition, Elements Gallery- Larnaca, Cyprus, April 2021

Art Room Gallery- online exhibition- March 2021 -Mention

Grey Cube Gallery- online exhibition- May 2021- Color Art Show.

Oscaw-  online exhibition- Spring exhibition 2021-Room 4

DragobeteArt – visual art exhibition (online), Iași Romania, February 2022