Iosif Varga

” Excellent draftsman, painter of great temperament, tumultuous, but perfect master of his skills, Iosif Varga is not subordinated to formulas or trends. If he takes common paths with other […]

Kingsley Nwabia

Kingsley Nwabia is a self-taught Artist, Author, Illustrator, Educationist and Fashion Entrepreneur. Born and raised in Lagos Nigeria, he is currently based in Bucharest, Romania. As a painter, working primarily […]

Mihaela Barbu

Mihaela Barbu is a professional visual artist, with a Master degree of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Painting department. She participated at groups art exhibitions organized by ICR […]

Rîmbu Diana Roxana

The story of my life has been written long ago, by the first strokes of color, I once did when I was just a child. It is said that if […]

Anastasiu Oana

First of all, i don`t consider myself an artist, first I am a creative human in love with art. I like to think of myself as being a creator, because […]


LUMINIȚA GLIGA (b. 1975, Brasov, Romania). Since 2003 – member of the U.A.P. Romania; member of A.I.A.P.- UNESCO; graduate of the National University of Arts Bucharest, Faculty of Fine Arts, […]


I am a self-taught artist who lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. I started painting in 2012 as a hobby and at the beginning of 2020 I have decided to […]

Vlad Basarab

Vlad Basarab is a visual artist working with diverse mediums, concentrating on ceramics, installation, video and performance. He perceives clay as the material that embodies the most dynamic qualities of […]

Vasii Marian

I’m just an 31 years old- visual artist, scenographer with an amazing- over a decade career in Romanian theatre. I can’t consider myself a painter nor a graphician. During the […]

Valentin Duicu

I graduated in Bucharest, at National University of Arts, sculpture section, 2007 promotion, following a master’s degree, also in sculpture, completed in 2009. My creations come from the figurative area, […]

Tunde Kicsi

I like to present myself a little differently: „holistic coach” or „spiritual coach”. That’s because besides the (traditional) counseling part, more practical and alternative therapies such as Theta Healing and […]

Traian Duta


Artistic activity: 1985: The special prise of Arges magazine 1990-1986 President of the visual artists from Curtea de Arges 1986 Profesional camp-Poland 1987 Group Exhibition- Hanul cu tei- Bucharest 1990-1994 […]

Tiberius Ciucinciu

Tiberius started drawing at 15, from architecture high school went straight to the University of Arts. After that began a career in advertising, first as a graphic designer, then as […]

Sorin Voicila

Nicknamed by the author Silvia Cinca, „the day engineer, the night painter”, his paintings express equally the repression of the engineer concerned with accuracy, measured with the square and the […]

Soneriu Laura

It all began 29 years ago when, as a child before I even started going to school, my parents had framed 3 drawings -cityscapes- done by my older sister and […]

Rosu Aprins


Rosu Aprins’ or R.A. is a concept that started as a way of creating a new world, through the personification of the various stages mankind goes through. The pseudonym ‘Rosu […]

Razvan Raucescu

Curently i am stundent of  the National University of  Arts, stundying Mural Art. I am the type of person who likes challenges and i’m trying to accumulate more experience in […]

Raluca Serban

„Mathematics of colorful cloth at Raluca Serban The colors are in us and around us. And there are people who speak in color, express their opinions and feelings by playing […]

Popa Emanuela

„What is art for me? I think art is love in the sense of giving, of sharing with the world our souls as artists by creating something which will arouse […]

Paul Suciu

Born and raised in Bucharest, I began doing artistic photography about 4 years.  I won an important prize in 2018, “Romanian Photographer of the Year  –  Street Section”, being judged by an international jury of […]

Oana Unciuleanu

Oana Unciuleanu is a Romanian painter. She is part of the Fusion Arts Art Agency portfolio in collaboration with Studio inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors. „I am an artist interested in describing human emotions […]

Oana Birsan

The reinterpretation of decorative art with multiple influences from printing shows, through the 3D effect of the paintings, an imaginary world of trees, butterflies and masks. The artistic elements are […]

Neculai Daniel Valeriu

Daniel Valeriu Neculai, a complex artist, graduate of the University of Arts, Bucharest, with a License and Master Degree at the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, Mural Art section […]

Nadine Ksebi

” Always captured my attention the human subconscious with the different ways to express it. They say that each person has something that makes him different from the other, but […]

Misha Diaconu

One of the most promising Romanian metal sculptors, Misha Diaconu (born on March 17, 1981, in Galați) is most often associated with several sculptures located in unconventional spaces in Bucharest, […]

Mircea Corcodel

„… The architect, because that is what I have to call Mircea CORCODEL, although he is in a moment of physical and creative maturity, does not cease to amaze us […]

Mihai Poiana

Exhibitions: Pure Energy- Exhibition (In production) Personal Space (iPhone Diary)-Exhibition (In production) Destruction of Monuments of Eastern Christianity (Hardcover Photo Album) by Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy-Greece Swans Lake (Ballet Rehearsal)- […]

Medeea Namolosanu

„I believe art has the role of managing the relationship between the inner and the outer world, while the aim of the artist is not to explain their experience but […]

Martyna Benedyka

Martyna Benedyka is a vocalist and visual artist working in several different media including painting, photography, collage, video and sound art. She studied Art and Design in Scotland, UK and […]

Marilena Iepan

I paint especially in watercolor, an environment that offers me total freedom to express my feelings and emotions. I consider painting as a form of meditation, a means of exploring […]

Maria Cioata

Maria Cioată was born in 1969 in Pitesti, Romania in a visual artists family. Her father, the painter Lucian Cioată, had an important role in her formation. She graduated The […]

Loredana Tataru

„Today, 28 y, I’m a mother, a sister, a wife, a make-up artist, a former store manager at MAC Cosmetics and a painter. These are all roles that I took […]

Liviu Acasandrei

A special character, with many awards in his record, with numerous personal and collective exhibitions, is Liviu Acasandrei. Compared to the painters presented in recent times, who were having chromatic […]

Liliana Stoica

Liliana Stoica is the person who relaunched the art of mosaic, reinterpreting it in a new and unique concept through wood and vivid colors. „We are made of color, lines, […]

Lazar Andrei

„I have been studying art in an institutional framework never, everything I know I learned alone. I have higher education in another field. I have drawn since I know, but […]

Lavinia Falcan

„Color is queen for me, I love to paint portraits of women which defy the male gaze with stylistic invetion. Born in Bucharest, Romania, I studied painting at the National […]

Laura Nicoleta Stoian

Being still at the beginning of the road, my works are looking for one different perspective, own on the natural world. My paintings illustrate natural elements that are abstracted and […]

Karmen Golumbeanu

Graduate of the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest – Department of Landscaping, Biodiversity and Ornamental Horticulture, Specialization Landscape Horticultural Engineer Graduate of the National University of […]

Iulian Moldovan


„To me, art represents the truest, most profound form of human expression. it’s a means of escaping mundane into an ideal world, carrying me into something close to an ecstatic […]

Iulia Dinca

„I`m a visual artist living in Bucharest, Roumania. I`m 31 years old and I`m drawing and painting since I was a little girl. My education was based on Art Schools, Art […]

Ioana Tanasescu

Born in 1990, Ioana Tanasescu-Zaiet is an emerging visual artist from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. From early years, her passion for travel and sculpture guided her to leave her birthplace and pursue […]

Ghidersa Georgiana

Georgiana Ghidersa, an artist dedicated to fine and decorative arts, is a graduate of the National University of Arts from Bucharest, with a license at the Faculty of Decorative Arts […]

Gabriela Anitei

„I consider Art to be, for the one who practices it, a necessity, a way of life, of communication with others and a way to connect to the reality, by […]

Florentina Maria Popescu

I am a self – taught artist, and I focus on abstract art and its uniqueness.The time spend engaged in the creative activity is what is most important to me. […]

Ersin Bactisa

Ersin Bactisa is an architect from Romania with an affinity for digital art. His work revolves around human condition and the ways feelings can be expressed on canvas. Most of […]

Elisabeta Vlad

Elisabeta Vlad was born in Bucharest in 1983. She graduated the National University of Arts in Bucharest in 2007. She currently lives and works in Bucharest. Her artwork were exhibited […]

Elisa Preda

The Fox

I have been studying the painting since I was seven years under the guidance of my mentors: Aurel Patrascu and Valeriu Mladin. I like to describe in color the whole […]

Edward Cretescu

“Edward’s creations are part of the register of abstract painting, but what impressed me is the fact that besides the aesthetic component, his art also has a philosophical component, based […]

Eduard Achitei

Born in 1984 in Romania, Moldavia region where I spent my childhood in Bacau. From an early age I had an interest in painting and in my first public display […]

Daniela Frumuseanu

„My works are the confessions about art and life, the metaphors of my own experiences experienced, felt, thought. They talk about the tumult of inner and outer life, about appearance […]

Daniel Zlota

Daniel Zlota is a painter, architect, entrepreneur, traveler, dreamer. He is part of the artists working with Studio inSIGN and Noblesse Interiors. With a successful career in architecture and interior design, he is […]

Daniel Radulescu

My name is Daniel Rădulescu, I was born in 1990 in one of the most beautiful cities in Romania: Brașov.  There I have studied traditional graphic in the School of Fine […]

Dana Simion

Dana Simion studied at the Art High School in Suceava, then continued her studies at the Art Academy in Bucharest, Romania. Her creations can be divided into abstract paintings and […]

Cristian Amariei

The story of the artist Cristian Amariei starts from childhood and materializes a short time ago, around the age of 30, out of love for color, light and shadow. Although […]

Cornelia Tersanszki

I have this very strong belief, that a more luminescent reality lies upon the one we normally see. And a glimpse of that reality is kept in every one of […]

Claudia Ureche

I am a self-taught artist, born and raised in Romania. I draw since I was little but only for my soul. I wanted to do this but for a long […]

Claudia Ion

„For many artists, the purpose of art is to inspire strong feelings. The successful work is what shakes. In other words, the purpose of art is the strong impression, the […]

Ciprian Ariciu

„I am trying to bring important elements in my works, aspects that we pass by every day and do not notice; small things, though vital for our spiritual life. My […]