Irina Milii

„My name is Irina Milii. I am an interior architect and artist who graduated the interior design faculty at Technical University of Moldova. I keep studying the same faculty doing master degree at National University of Arts Bucharest.

I found my passion for arts from early school attending drawing and painting lessons and creating my portfolio from young age. Now, as an interior architect, I apply all the knowledge obtained during the years.

In my vision art is a way of entering the deep of people`s heart and to create the deepest emotions through paintings, drawings and sculpture. It is an expressive, beautiful, creative and full of imagination way of expression, which opens or mind and leads us in a different dimension.

Art fills the space and gives life to it. I think that a house without art is an unfinished house and art is the thing that gives a sense to every space.”

PoP Art Girl
Technique: Oli on canvas

Size: 70×60

In the Deep

Technique: oil on canvas

Size: 40×50