Bogdan Turcea

„The sculptor Bogdan Turcea places his creation at this time in grammar and stylistics of a new anthropocentrism, being about to develop an unmistakable style. We have a journey in front of which the composition can be revealed on several coats of nature to provoke useful shades and associations. We are invited to participate in an artistic speech in which the artist knew to „read” the fabric of symbols from the Baroque to metaphysical expressionism with reverberations in the mystical and timeless vision „orthodox-platonician” as the creator himself asserts these works ” (Maria Albani)


Short CV:

He studied sculpture at the National University of Arts in Bucharest.

Personal exhibitions: Osiris , Holistic Art in 2018 and Alexandra’s in 2019.

Group exhibitions: Italian Institute of Culture in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, National Salon of Contemporary Art Centenary 2018 , Artwalk by Iqos and Fusion Arts in 2019.

The Bride Of The Wind (Mireasa vantului)
Materials: resin, wood

Size: 300x200x100

Materials: painted plaster, metal

Size: 65x55x27

Materials: plaster, wood

Size: 152/139/40 cm